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Since this is such a small subfandom, there's nothing wrong with giving each other a boost. I'm partnered with callowyn for our own 'verse and writing/arting/etc with buddies is always more fun. If you're wanting to hook up with an artist, writer, editor, etc for some Next Gen shenanigans, you've come to the right place. Please only post here if you're looking for a friend for your Next Gen project. There are tons of other sites to hook up writers and betas for more general things, SPN included. Thanks!

This is pretty simple--similar to the friending meme (still/always open by the way, if you just want a buddy), just copy the following, fill it out, and post it in the comments. (All questions are optional!) If you think you might be what someone's looking for, reply to their comment and let the magic happen.

For now, this post will remain sticky.

Title: Run Like Hell
Pairing/characters: Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner; Sam, Dean.
Rating: NC17
Word count: about 46,000 words.
Warnings: Language, mindfuck.
Summary: Former down on his luck Anti-Christ, Jesse Turner has finally found a place to settle down with Ben and Claire in California. At least, it seems that way until the Winchesters, always the bearers of bad news, tell him that his parents have been murdered at their house in Alliance, Nebraska. Back to his childhood town, Jesse has to fight his demons (literal and metaphorical) while trying to cling to his sanity. Sequel to Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here. AU from the middle of season 7.
A/N: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. Like the previous one, this fic has been tremendously fun to write. All my thanks to my beta geckoholic for her invaluable help, to yohkobennington for the last read-through, and to my artist kiki_miserychic for her lovely piece. Don't forget to leave her comments!

Run Like Hell

Title: Unforgotten
Pairing/characters: Lisa Braeden, Ben Braeden, Claire Novak, Jesse Turner; background Ben/Claire/Jesse.
Rating: PG
Word count: 3,600 words.
Summary: Lisa comes to terms with her newfound memories, and with the new additions to her son's life.
A/N: Timestamp for Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (written for spn_j2_bigbang). I felt the need for some Lisa's POV. :) You don't need to read the longer fic to understand the timestamp, but it probably gives it more relevance. Thank you to apgeeksout for her beta work!


Title: Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here
Pairing/characters: Ben Braeden/Claire Novak/Jesse Turner; Dean, Castiel, Meg, Sam, Crowley.
Rating: NC17
Word count: 57,000 words.
Warnings: Language, sex.
Summary: Ben Braeden thought he had a pretty good life, all things considered – maybe the girl he loved didn’t love him back, maybe his nights were plagued with dreams he didn’t understand, but he had a roof over his head, his best friends and the California sun. Things certainly could have been worse. Then his world was turned upside down with rapid-fire revelations of demons, angels, and secrets in his past he hadn't been aware of. But even after all that, there was still some consolation to be found in falling in love again, in the most unexpected way. AU from the middle of season 7.
A/N: Written for spn_j2_bigbang. This fic has been in the making for more than a year, and it's been a lot of fun. Thank you to dollarformyname for the beta work, and thanks to my bigbang artist kymericl for her art.

For the prompt, The Dark Tower at Drabble Day 2012.
Why does this want to be a whole AU world in my head???

It’s cold and Claire lets the floor swallow her up. Sometimes when she wakes she wishes Castiel wouldn’t let her back in, that she could stay asleep.

Moving hurts. Claire figures Cas must have been in some battles lately. Her back aches but she always feels that. It’s the absence of the wings this body sometimes wears.

Eventually she heaves herself up, reclaims her weary bones as she labours up the circular tower steps to the battlements. She always wakes up here. She hates it.

But there are two men waiting for her and it’s time to find them again.

Title: The Fourth, the Fifth, the Minor Fall, the Major Lift
Characters/Pairings: Claire, feat. Jimmy, Amelia, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Ben, Lisa; Claire/OMCs, Claire/Ben
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers/Warnings: through 5x22; AU after S5, brief substance abuse, thoughts of suicide, language, not being totally and completely accurate in university offerings.
Word Count: ~21,000
Disclaimer: Title is from "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Part names and lyrics can be found in the headers of each part on LJ, or in the bottom notes on AO3.
Summary: It goes like this… | Claire Novak's life before, during, and after Castiel's possession of her father.
A/N: A huge thank you to Beth and Ashley for looking over this for me, and to everyone else for being amazing supporters while I was writing it.

LJ (3 Parts) | AO3

Title: The Shadow of Your Heart
Subject: Jesse Turner
Notes: Fanmix includes front and back covers and a .zip file. Enjoy! :)

and the time on your hands is a walk in the park

Title: Travelling Woman
Subject: Claire Novak
Notes: Fanmix includes front and back covers and a .zip file. Enjoy! :)

all things grow, all things go

Title: All Fast and Free
Subject: Ben Braeden
Notes: Fanmix includes front and back covers and a .zip file. Enjoy! :)

this is a song about innocence lost

Hey everybody! Just a little fic idea in picture form.


Michael, Lucas Barr, Tyler Thompson and Matt Pike. Bonus for the boy's messing with Matt's school ID, and plaid. :D

Ignore the hands, I stink at hands.

Title: Come Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
Author: misachan
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters: Castiel, Claire Novak (implied, off screen Dean/Cas)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2815
Spoilers: If you've seen "The Rapture" and "The End," you're good. Set 2014!verse.
Summary: Just because you live in a world where good things don't happen doesn't mean you stop hoping for them. Bittersweet gen.
Author's Note: All my thanks to aerilex, who never laughs at my typos.:) Title from Eagle-Eye Cherry.

Claire spotted the unmistakable glint of light on metal and ducked down

misc | she's a restless spirit
Posted by joyyjpg on 2012.01.11 at 08:22
Tags: ,
you and i, we'll fly home; Chrissy Chambers/Claire Novak, PG-13
544 words; spoilers for 4.20 and 7.11; future!fic, angst, with a smidge of hope
not mine; title from 'Headfirst for Halos' by My Chemical Romance
They're so far from okay, but this, right here, right now – this isn't so bad.

Title: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Author: princess_aleera
Prompts: at pann_cake’s fic-a-thon meme by ilfirin_estel: Claire/Chrissy, you got a fast car, is it fast enough so we can fly away.
Word count: ~ 900
Spoilers: 7x11, so beware
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dark themes, swearing, mentions of character deaths (canon and non-canon), grimness and badass attitudes
Disclaimer: Don’t own, don’t sue.
Characters: Chrissy Chambers(14), Claire Novak (16)
Pairings: Gen
A/N: Title is taken from the musical Annie, Get Your Gun. Also this is the first time I’ve ever written Next Generation fic (or posted here), so I apologize if it’s not to your liking.

Summary: “You've torched a lot of fuckers in your days, then?” She can’t help but look the girl over, because please. She can’t be older than sixteen at most.

Chrissy doesn’t lower her gun. The other girl doesn’t lower her knife.Collapse )

Title: F Major
Author: ienablu
Characters: Jesse Turner, Ben Braeden
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1860
Spoilers: none // AU post-s5
Summary: Jesse tries to keep his powers in check. Ben tries to help. Neither succeed.
Notes/Warnings: Prequel to Key in A Minor, though you don't need to read that to understand this.

( 'Could you do me a favor?' [fake-cut back to my journal.] )

Title: Key of A Minor
Author: ienablu
Characters: Claire Novak, Jesse Turner.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1013
Spoilers: none
Summary: Jesse tries to keep his powers in check. Claire helps.
Notes/Warnings: contains scarification, and show-level amount of blood.

( 'How's your Enochian?' [fake-cut back to my journal.] )


just a graphic

Posted by nami86 on 2011.10.02 at 04:35
hello there, i just want to share with a tiny graphic i made with my personnal dreamcast :)

team free will 2.0 | (a.k.a my private supernatural sequel i know you don’t care but yeah!)
claire novak → brittany robertson
ben braeden → landon liboiron
jesse turner → sean biggerstaff

the vessel, the hunter, the cambion
- “they will name cities after us” -

Title: N/A
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Gen

Now that the Big Bang challenge is over, I thought I'd post art I threw together for my own story, Cambion. It is here at my journal. Thank you <3

Title: Trenchcoat Porn
Rating: G
Pairings: Gen! 


Here at my journal. Thanks :D

Title: Synchronicity
Pairing: Ben/Claire
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5.5k
Spoilers: Up to Let it Bleed.
Summary: They've been hunting together for six hours, and Ben already wants to kill her.
Notes/Warnings: This is part of the universe of my Big Bang. But don't worry! It stands alone just fine, and it's a little more digestable if you happen to be new to the subfandom. <3

Here at my journal. Thank you!

...can be found here at my journal.

Title: The Collins Roadhouse
Ben Braeden/Claire Novak, Katie Doolittle/Emily Jorgeson, Haley Collins, Tommy Collins, Ben Collins, Audrey Elmer, Kneel-Before-Todd, Kat & Gavin, and Jesse Turner
 This is three thousand words and six illustrations of Collins (from Wendigo, remember?) fanfiction. It's the story of how they got and built their own roadhouse. The story takes place in the universe of my Big Bang, which is yet unposted, but the Collins Roadhouse plays a very small part of that story. A small preview:

They come back again and again; lots of people do. But she looks forward to seeing Ben and Claire the most. They bring back interesting stories and lots of business, and she enjoys their company. Some hunters have no homes, she notices, and Ben and Claire are among them. They come back for more than a drink and a cheap meal; they come to rest, to gather their thoughts, for safety. One night when it's raining, they get in late, and Haley tells them they're welcome to stay if they don't feel like driving to the nearest motel (thirty miles away).

"You'll have to share a room, though," she adds, watching Claire wring out her hair outside on the porch. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Ben assures her gratefully. "We share the motel rooms--ow! Dammit, Claire--"

"Not like that," Claire says quickly. "We order two queens. It's cheaper."

"Of course you do," Haley says lightly, and they both flush just a little.

When she goes to check on them the next morning, Claire's on the bed, and Ben's curled up in the armchair...

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