Liz (thegeminisage) wrote in spn_nextgen,

Attn: SPN Next Gen Writer/Editor/Artist/Etc Classifieds

Since this is such a small subfandom, there's nothing wrong with giving each other a boost. I'm partnered with callowyn for our own 'verse and writing/arting/etc with buddies is always more fun. If you're wanting to hook up with an artist, writer, editor, etc for some Next Gen shenanigans, you've come to the right place. Please only post here if you're looking for a friend for your Next Gen project. There are tons of other sites to hook up writers and betas for more general things, SPN included. Thanks!

This is pretty simple--similar to the friending meme (still/always open by the way, if you just want a buddy), just copy the following, fill it out, and post it in the comments. (All questions are optional!) If you think you might be what someone's looking for, reply to their comment and let the magic happen.

For now, this post will remain sticky.

Tags: type: mod post
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